Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Easter - mostly food. =)

Our neighbor gave us this footstool. It opens on top and has two drawers. Clark LOVES it. He takes it apart and walks around the house with the drawers. I like it because its a good place to store little toys - like the maraca shown below.

Here John Paul demonstrates his superior strength to Clark.
Here is some delicious Macaroni and Cheese that Ashley made.
Here are delicious green beans and asparagus (underneath) cooked in yummy bacon. Lishu made these. She googled, "Easter foods" because she's Chinese and has never celebrated Easter before and didn't know what to bring. Now we all know that green beans and asparagus are traditional Easter foods!
Here is the amazingly delicious lamb that Tom made. yum yum yum yum yum yum. Even Clark liked it and he's super picky!

This is the lamb cake we made this year (covered in saran wrap). This year, we actually made a Rice Krispy Lamb, frosted it with white and did its face with cookie decorations.

Here's the lamb cake and some Egg cookies. Thanks to Andrea GG for passing on the cookie cutters. I decorated each cookie with the names of our Easter Feasters!

Ashely made a carrot cake from scratch and decorated it with a sign of capital punishment (and salvation).

It was a wonderful happy Easter time!!!

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  1. Thanks for the invite, you all look great... Dad