Monday, September 7, 2009

6 months as a family

Happy half-birthday to Clark. It has been an incredible, amazing, wonderful, heart exploding with love 6 months. We remember our life before Clark, but we can't imagine that we were so happy and full-filled.

In his first month, Clark met both of his grandmothers, Aunt Andrea, Uncle Jake, Couin Sophia, went to Virginia, took his first hike and went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.

In his second month, Clark met his Aunt Monica, Cousin Ruby, and Uncle James, Great Aunt Mary, Great Cousin Sean, began to grab things, was admitted to and discharged from the hospital with a UTI, and slept 8 hours through the night for the first time.

In his third month, Clark took his first plane trip to Louisiana. He met his Granddad Averill, Great Aunt Cindi and all of her children and grandchildren, his Godparents, his USA(Uncle Stephen Averill), Aunt Katie and Cousins Kenzie and Matt. He began to bear weight on his legs, went to a wedding, crawfish boil, and pool party.

In his fourth month, he met his Grandpa Greenwell, Uncle John and GREAT Grampa Suppicich. He could hold onto things that he grabbed, he fell asleep on his own at night and developed eczema and started teething. He went to the movies, zoo, and Harper's Ferry.

In his fifth month, he met his Great Cousin Jordan. He rolled over from front to back! He started taking longer naps (1.5-3 hrs), kicked his swaddling habit, was able to fall asleep from awake without crying, gave himself arm hickies, could sit on his own for a little bit without falling over, and had a taste of rice cereal and banana.

In his sixth month, he met mama's best friend Liz. He lost all ability to sleep until he... got his FIRST TOOTH! Then he slept one night for 11 hours! He tasted watermelon, cherries, blueberries, tomato and green beans. He got his first mosquito bites, and visited the White House. He rolled from back to front and started wrinkling his nose while smiling.

What can we say? He's awesome.