Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Gumbo - for dinner

We are back from our trip to Minnesota and I am another year older. I will post more on that this week and also highlight a few other things we did this month. I've been out of it, sorry.

Tonight, I made gumbo for dinner. You can find my delicious recipe for this dish here. As you can see from these photos, I obviously cheated by purchasing Roux in a jar. It is pretty good, but darker than I usually make it. I've used about half of the jar already. I recommend using as little as possible if you are going to use jarred Roux. Its much darker than the caramel color I prefer. Cajun roux is usually darker and creole roux is usually lighter in color (resulting from more or less cooking).

After my last post about making gumbo, Fr. RB sent me some File in a bottle, you can see it in the photo. It actually came in the mail the day Clark, our baby Gumbo, was born. It was funny because Andrea walked into the room and said, "Hey, you got a package! Want to open it for some motivation." I think I was nearing the pushing stage, or in it, and NO, I did not want to open some mail while I was hard at work in LABOR! I opened it a few days later.

This gumbo is a seafood gumbo, made with crawfish, crawfish stock and some vegan shrimp that my best friend, Liz, bought for me. I still can't eat shrimp for Clark's sake, but did go to All you can eat shrimp @ Red Lobster for my birthday. I had to throw my milk away and there was a mild amount of spitup, but we all survived it.


  1. its fake shrimp made out of vegetable matter. its actually quite like real shrimp. the texture is spot on, and since shrimp really have no taste except for what you cook them in, it was a great substitution!

  2. A jar of premade roux? Louisiana's Department of Culinary Tradition will revoke your licence if you keep that up. I'll show you how to do it for real when I visit.

  3. Oh no! Please don't tell them. I thought it was ok because I was living in Maryland, which in some lines of thought is the North (they stayed with the Union in the Civil War - but is actually South of Mason-Dixon line).
    I can do it for real, but it takes time. Show me how you do it and you'll get a gold star!

  4. will- you get a double gold star if you can get the zimek recipe.