Saturday, May 1, 2010


We're in Lauderdale by the sea. Its next to Ft. Lauderdal, Fl.

Tom's got a conference and Clark and I will be hanging @ the beach and with my Aunt Carla, Uncle John T. And Cousins Jordan, Matt and Kelly.
We went swimming yesterday in the ocean. Clark gave us the face we call, "ok if this is what you people think is fun, I'll go along with it, but I don't have to like it". But he is warming up to it -kinda... Then we walked to a nearby resturant for Gyros.the wait was long but they were delish!

We came back to the hotel and played near the pool. Clark made a game of throwing his shoes in the pool, climbing onto the first in-pool step, picking up the shoes, splashing the shoe, climbing out of the pool- repeat. We were worried about him drowining and were very careful. Unfortunately, we were not very careful a few minutes later when he fell down the steps to the beach and got a huge abrasion on his face. we are putting healing ointment on it and hope he isn't too "rough-looking" for Ray and Angela's wedding next weekend.

We slept ok in the hotel room. Clark always wakes up more when we travel and its hard on us cause we are not used to having him in our room. We have a lot of travel planned this summer so we will just have to get used to it.

This morning Tom took off to learn about genetics and stem cells and the eye. Clark and I ate a huge breakfast @ the hotel. We are now hanging on the beach. He didn't initially like the sand getting on him. Now he seems ok with it. He is raking the sand in the photo above and right now he's using a coffee stirrer to stab the sand.
My family is coming over this afternoon to hang on the beach. We'll see what this adventure brings, but so far we are having a really nice time.
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