Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your prayers are desperately needed.

Hey guys,

We need your prayers and support.  Our friends in DC, Mandy and Ed, have a daughter Hudson, who is 18 months and was fine a week ago.  Sunday they took her to the ER because of a high fever and she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. It looks like they will be taking Hudson off life support today, and we are really in shock and sorrow for them. 

There is prayer service tonight at 6:15pm (eastern) 5:15 (central) and 3:15 (pacific). Please take a few minutes at that time (and all throughout your day) to join everyone in prayer. They will especially need your prayers in the coming days.

This is a facebook message Mandy and Ed posted this morning around 9 am Eastern time:

Dearest friends and family: First, we want to repeat again and again -- we could never say it enough—how grateful we are for your fervent prayers, thoughts, and wishes for our girl. Your messages in all forms have truly been a lifeblood for us these past few days and we are so thankful for the extended system of support all of you have provided for us and the comfort it brings. At one point yesterday, almost every single one of our friends's status posts was asking others to send our girl good wishes—we are overwhelmed by the love being sent our way from places literally all over the world.

As the hours go on, our hopes for a miracle for our sweet girl are fading. Last night around 8:30, the doctors did the first of 2 tests for brain death, and all indications are that little Hudson's brain is no longer functioning at all. Tonight, they will repeat the test again, and short of that miracle, the results will likely be the same and she will be declared dead. They will then remove all the life-sustaining equipment that has kept all her systems working for the last two days. And she will be gone.

As you can imagine, we want to spend every possible moment during this last day with her. We are so grateful for those of you who have come by and want to come by, but today is about Hudson, so we'd just ask that if you would like to visit, we will most likely be at home starting tomorrow and will welcome visitors there.

We just can't say enough how important your support has been to us. Please know that we will continue to welcome your help for a long time to come.

Of course, please continue to hope, pray, wish, meditate—as will we. We just wanted everyone to be prepared for what appears to be the inevitable. And please be thinking of Hudson this evening as she finishes her all-too-short and very precious journey here in this world and begins whatever journey may follow.

We thank you again and again for the millions of kindnesses offered in so many forms over these last days. We have been so comforted by them. While we wish that a different outcome was possible, the outcome we face is not for lack of prayers and good thoughts. We know that many people who have been rooting for Hudson are not Facebook friends, so please forward this on to anyone you think may want to read it.

All our love and eternal gratefulness,

Mandy and Ed

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