Monday, May 3, 2010

No sunburn yet!

We're still in Lauderdale by the sea (LBTS). No one has gotten sunburnt yet! Hopefully we can stay that way!

We hung out with the Threadgill/Pfost family Sat afternoon on the beach and went to their house for dinner Sun night. Matt and Jordan are really great teens and Kelly (7yold) was lots of fun. I love seeing my Aunt Carla because she looks and acts most like my mom. Its always nice to see someone you love in someone else you love. :-). Carla's last day of work is today so she may come down here and hangout later this week!

Clark and I found a local playground. Its partially shaded and has equipment right at his level. We met a ton of kids there yesterday and will go back every day. I'm trying to keep him out of the middle of day sun as much as possible. We also found the chamber of commerce and a free bus schedule so we may do some exploring or go to the library later this week.

Clark is enjoying the sand more and is sampling the delicious flavors of shells, rocks, corals and other debris found in it. He likes the hotel pool but is still not into the ocean. He doesn't like how it splashes his face sometimes.

I went running this morning and its so hot and humid, I may have to take midnight runs to be comfortable (or just not run here...)

Today Tom is giving his big talk on grants and the gov'ment. Wish him luck!
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