Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Louisiana Trip

We went to Louisiana. Wee Hee! We did not bring the camera. booo. We have four pictures from our cell phones though.... ok that will work.
It was HOT in Louisiana. Dad dunked Clark to help cool him off! He LOVED the pool!
We went back for my 10 year high school reunion. It was fun, but loud and therefore hard to catch up properly. There was much shouting. I saw one of my HS best friends, Woody. He brought along his fiance, Krissy. They are getting married in October. They had an engagement crawfish boil the next day - which we went to. It was also fun. He hasn't changed a bit and that is refreshing.

Part of me wishes I still lived in Louisiana, but part of me knows that Woody lives in Arizona, and other friends live in other areas. It wouldn't be the same, Tom wouldn't have the job that he has, or really any desirable job. It is just a mild fantasy that we enjoy indulging in when we are eating snowballs, crabs, crawfish, pralines, oysters, or passing by a drive-through daiquiri shop or visiting friends and family. We would also be really fat if we lived there...

We did do a 5K with mom on the Mandeville Lakefront. I also had time to get together with my BFF, Liz. Liz and I also hung out on the lakefront and reminisced about our high school days. Overall it was really, really great. It was also an actual vacation unlike the work-cations we've been taking.

everyone but mom. she took the photo.

family self portrait.

here is me on the Bayou!

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