Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clark's 5th birthday!

Clark had his fifth birthday party at the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department (the same scene of his 3rd birthday party). The theme was "super heros" and it was a ton of fun! 

We had a very long, snowy winter. School was cancelled a lot. We were trapped indoors a lot. So, we used those snow days to make some super awesome stuff for the party. 

we made a pinata out of a paper grocery bag

construction paper, glue, scissors.

everyone helped.

and Clark picked some cool pictures from Pintrest to glue to the sides of the Pinata

and filled it with candy!

on the day of the party, we dressed in our Superhero Best
enjoyed our friends!

two cakes!
and ate some delicious ice cream cake!
family love

Clark is 5!

 There was a fire station tour, a pinata, and all the kids left the party with superhero capes and masks!

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