Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Farming Freinds - making cheese - late spring

 When Tom went to his May conference in Orlando this year (ARVO), the kids and I took a road trip up to our friends' farm in Pennyslvania. Linda let me help her make cheese. We worked all day culturing, cutting, handling, straining, and pressing the cheese. These two cheese rounds will be aged for 9-12 months and become Romano.  Its about $200 of cheese per round! and it was a TON of work. I'm definitely feeling like I understand why cheese costs what it does! After we made the Romano, we walked around and took photos with it!

and then we cultured the left over whey and made Ricotta. It was angelic and light. The Peachy's call it "Ricotta from heaven" and they can't make enough to keep up with the demand!

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