Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Farming Friends - early Spring

Ok. I'm gonna try to start blogging again.

This is a post about our friends who have a farm. They are the Peachy family. They live in Pennsylvania and have a goat dairy. We met one of the Peachy daughters (Eunice, 19) at the Rockville Farmer's Market. We struck up a friendship, and were invited to visit them at the farm.
We went this Spring, and had a great time! So we went again a few weeks ago. And we'll be going again in late June to attend the wedding of one of the boys (Allen, 23).

Here's Clark and Iris riding in a hugemongous tractor with sons Abe (21), Wilfred (12), and Jerald and Harold (10)

 Here's Matriarch Linda Peachy with Clark and a Pony.

Iris and Eunice (19)

Riding Flicka the horse

Iris, Linda, Cat, and Tom
 This crazy contraption is an electric plow/tiller, hooked up to a wooden death trap. The younger boys made it themselves, and called it their "Jittney". Nobody died using it, but it doesnt have brakes, and is hard to steer. Clark got a ride, and... so did my sweet baby Iris. It was terrifying... yet fun!
 The best part of the farm experience was meeting the baby goats. They are so sweet and nibbly. Clark spent a million hours playing with them.
Iris holding a kid

Wilfred kept Iris safe from their nibbles and pouncing

and then he helped her hug a sweet goaty

and Clark was in heaven.

and so was I!

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