Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clark's Theater Class ~incomplete video loaing

This Winter, Clark took a theater class called "Super-kids in the City" at Imagination Stage. He really enjoyed it. Each week, they worked on developing their character (Clark made super-villan, "Electricity Man") and learning about the characteristics of heros, such as perseverance, team work, courage, creativity, confidence.  He earned a badge for each of the characteristics that he demonstrated, and the badges were stapled to their super hero capes.

He often came home with fun games we could play. They were games with making and mimicking funny voices. Games where we made funny poses, or pretended to do something (mix a cake, eat chocolate, drive a car). 

This is an object improv game. The kids went around the circle and pretended the object was whatever they wanted it to be. Some other things it was: an ice cream cone, a car, a raincloud, a megaphone.  
The Debut of Electricity Man!

This is the story the kids developed over the course of the semester, using their characters that they developed. Clark is electricity man. 

 after the video stops, Clark and the other bad guy go to jail, and Clark has a conversion. He says, "I'm sorry I was bad. I want to be a good guy now." and the good guys take him into their fold.  Then the other guy falls into a pit where he eventually turns good too. The End.

This was a quick thinking improv game.

While it isn't fantastic acting from this bunch of 5 year old boys, I think they had an incredible amount of fun and really developed their imaginations during the class. 

I'm proud of Clark for doing so well in this class and for really enjoying himself.

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