Tuesday, February 10, 2009

38 weeks

Today I know for a fact that I will have this baby within the next 4 weeks. In one month we will have a baby. Thank God.

I'm actually enjoying this pregnancy more and more as it nears its end. Tom and I are completely ready at home now. We assembled the changing table and put it where it belongs. WE got the glider and its in the nursery too. WE have plenty of food, so I guess we are set. The only major kink in the labor plan is that my ipod broke and seems beyond repair. This is a problem because I have been practicing relaxing to a certain playlist. I would practice at work and on the way home in the metro. Now, I don't practice. We also were having success sleeping, but this has completely gone and now we both are sleeping poorly. I am going to the Chirporactor on Friday for my hips. Tom hurt his back this week and has been going. He is still aching, but feeling better already. The Chiro is going to help repair him so he can be strong when I go into labor.

Work is taking a lot out of both of us. I'm trying to cover my bases and train a new person over. My boss is also leaving this week and we have a 3 person team. This means that from 3 people, one person will be responsible for all of our work. eek! I feel a huge responsibility each day to do as much as I can so that things are closed and completed before labor starts and I'm out!

Tom has to write a chapter for a book for his work. He is also being called upon to mentor new people at his work. He has been a go-to guy at work for the past year, and now he needs to be a "no" guy... which is tough for such a sweet heart. But he needs to wrap things up in prep for taking a few weeks off of work.

As I write this, Gumbo is moving around so much. Lately, his movements seem ridiculous! Its as if I have no skin and he is free to move as much as he wants. BUT I HAVE SKIN!!!! He moves so much and so obviously that I fear people in the metro will point at me and freak out. He has dropped, but when I sit, I think he wants more space. When I stand up, hes a lot calmer. It is definately an amazing, weird, fascinating, strange, miraculous baby in there!

Thanks for asking.
Love, V

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