Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Due date + 1 day.

Due date was yesterday. Too bad Gumbo didn't know it.
Today I'm still pregnant. Feeling fine, but still pregnant.

I tried to fake nest today. Thinking I could trick my body into thinking I was done being pregnant.
I did a whole bunch of laundry, washed the bathroom toilet, tub and sink. I set up the pack in play in our bedroom and set up the diaper changing part for it and some breast feeding stuff in the bedroom. I also set up the bed in the guest room to get ready for giving birth. The diaper pail has a liner in it. I cut up some fabric I had meant to cut up for a while. I partially cleaned the back porch, it still has more to go, but I can do more tomorrow if I'm not having this baby yet. I don't know what else I can do to convince my body that my brain is ready.

I'm watching a move called "The Waitress" its all about this girl who got pregnant from her loser husband and then didn't want to have her baby. She just had the baby and now is madly in love with it. Its a nice thing to watch right now. When she had her baby she told her stupid husband to get out of her life and never come near her again. I'm glad she is going to start her life over.

Luckily, I don't have a problem like that. I won't need to kick Tom out. I love being married to him and we are having such a wonderful time getting ready for our baby. We are starting to daydream about him in bed at night, its hard to sleep because we are just so excited. It's going to be crazy to have something that we made from our love and God's love. I can't even imagine it. We are getting ready to be in the greatest love ever.

It's going to be amazing. =)

I'll be sure to update everyone (or Tom will) when things are happening, when labor happens, when the baby comes, etc. It's going to be amazing! Wow.


  1. Cleaning up everything you mentioned does not sound like "fake" nesting. Be patient, love, Mom

  2. Thank mom! I'm patient. What I meant by "fake" nesting was that I didn't feel like cleaning, but I did it just because I thought it would help the baby know that I was ready for him.
    I thought, "hey, maybe he's waiting for me to wash the last bit of laundry"
    We'll see. I got your package today, thank you. =)