Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almost "due"

I'm still pregnant.

I'm feeling great! Tom is in good spirits. I think that if we can maintain this state of joy then we will be ready whenever the baby comes. This weekend we did a LOT of sleeping. We ate some food, watched a move, and slept some more. It's been awesome. We are trying to be totally indulgent in ourselves and our desires because soon enough we will be subject to another's whims. We are looking forward to having our son, but are DEFINITELY viewing this time as a gift to be completely self indulgent. Its great. We have up until MArch 10th for him to come, but hope he shows up sooner.

Mom is coming on MArch 7th, and we'd like to spend some time just the 3 of us before we have guests. Plus, since its a home birth, and we planned on using the guest room, we would like that room empty when the time comes. =)

Midwife appt this week measured 40 inches of uterus. He's definitely ready.

Hugs and kisses!!!

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