Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midwife appointment results and other stuff @ 38 weeks.

At 38 weeks and 2 days, I am doing great. I look good. I have no complications and am really healthy. I'm not even ridiculously uncomfortable. She checked me out and said I am 1.5 cm dialated, 50% effaced, and baby is in -2 station.

He is kind of sideways rotated on a vertical axis, meaning his back is on my left tummy side, and his legs are under my liver side, so his head is crooked in the pelvis. He will turn, but it will make labor longer. So, hopefully he will turn fast. She said my abs still seemed to be together. That makes me happy.

He is moving as I write this, "Hi" Gumbo says. ouch! he kicked me.

I'm like a fertility goddess statue right now. I'm huge and pregnant and full of life. its incredible. incredbile.

Today we had a baby shower at work, it was fun!!

We played a baby headline guessing game.
We ate SPICY chicken, cake and baby shower candy hearts.

The candy hearts are super cute. I took a bunch home. They made me a book with their own tips and advice in it. Its really nice. They also gave us a gift certificate for I think we will get the breast pump or the jogging stroller with it. I guess the pump would be put to use sooner so we should get that first. Jogging stroller in 6 months or so.

Tomorrow Tom and I are going to the Chiropractor. Tom hurt his back doing stuff last weekend, so he's getting it fixed... just in time for me to break it again while I'm in labor. (sorry sweetie!). I'm going to have them adjust me, I've never been adjusted before, except by Charlie Salanger who is a chiro friend, but it was at his house not in an office in an official capacity. So, I'm hoping that the chiro can help fix my hip, its been keeping me up at night in pain. =(

Then we have a baby shower at Tom's work at noon! yay, fun day! Thanks for the cake and presents work people! We love cake and presents!

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