Friday, March 6, 2009

Darn it

Hey. So, the contractions petered out. Happening now every 20-30 min. Same strength.

Midwives say that it probably will not happen today. The castor oil depletes what you've got, so I will need to rebuild my reserves before my body starts up again. Their advice was to rest and distract myself, and to not worry about going into labor again today.

Midwife said that maybe it would happen tomorrow. (My mom also comes tomorrow). Or we would try to use Cervadil to induce on Sunday. Thats the game plan.

I've had bloody show ever since 4:30 pm yesterday, so this is a strong sign of dilating. That means that my body and all of the labor and work of last night still counts and maybe when I start up again I'll skip to active labor or something...

God only knows.

mucho mucho love!!!!
V & Tom

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