Friday, March 6, 2009

Working on it

I'm working on having Gumbo now.

I did the castor oil thing yesterday morning and evening. I've been having contractions since 4:30 pm yesterday. Tom and I walked to a restaurant nearby, ate a nice, healthy dinner, and then walked back home. The contractions varied from 30-45 seconds every 4-13 minutes or so.

We went to lay down to rest at about 9:30-10 pm, but I couldn't lay down through the contractions to I abandoned the bed. I was in the tub for about an hour, then slept on the balance ball draped over the recliner for an hour or so. Then I slept in the guest bed for a few hours. Its 4:40 am now. Contractions are harder, but variable as to length and time between them. They yank me from sleep if I fall asleep between them. I've been able to fall asleep and rest a lot between them. Thats the good thing. I guess I'll go back to bed and see if I can sleep between them some more.

Its exciting that something is happening, but I'm trying to stay calm because I know I have a long road ahead of me. I planned on having a 72 hour labor - hopefully that does not really happen, but I prepped my brain for that long. So far its been 12 hours. It hasn't been horrible so far. It's very interesting to witness the body work.

Peace. Love, V


  1. Good morning, how I will every concentrate at work today is a mystery. I will be thinking of you today all day. I am so pleased to have been blessed with you as my sweet daughter. See you three tomorrow! Love Mom

  2. March 6, 2009
    How necessary it is to cultivate a spirit of joy....To act lovingly is to begin to feel loving, and certainly to act joyfully brings joy to others which, in turn, makes one feel joyful. I believe we are called to the duty of delight. Dorothy Day 1897 - 1980
    Quote of today from, "Catholic Speak Today", the WORD among us Press