Friday, March 20, 2009

week 2

Here is your Clark recap for his 2nd week of life:

On Saturday we celebrated his first week birthday with a chocolate cake with white frosting. Andrea and Jake and Sophia came over around lunchtime. They brought some brownies with cookies on top - so it was good eating day.

On Saturday night we went to mass. Clark slept through the whole thing. We brought him over to the St. Joseph's altar and prayed in thanksgiving for a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth, our beautiful son, and happy family.

My mom left on Sunday morning =( , leaving us on our own for 3 days and 2 nights!!!
I don't really remember what happened on Sunday and Monday, but Tom and I spent lots of time hugging and cuddling with each other and with Clark. Tom helped me out and worked around the house. I gave Clark a photo shoot.

But just to show you that all is not beauty in Clark land. Here is a completely unglamorous, untouched photo of him spitting up.
In other unglamorous news, on Monday our beloved son started rotting. He was disgusting. We thought he smelled like roadkill in Louisiana on a hot summer day. To clarify, it was the grossest stank we had ever smelled and it was coming from our beautiful, beautiful son. We checked his diaper, we checked his neck to make sure it wasn't a ball of spit up, we eventually found the culprit. It was his belly button, excuse me, his Smelly Button. We tried to wash around it but it didn't help. We tried to keep him wrapped up really well so we didn't have to smell it and we put Burts Bees Apricot Baby Oil on him to help cover up the stank.

Yahoo answers and other mothers (on facebook and the phone) told me that it would get horribly stanky before it fell off, so we really really hoped it would fall off soon.

On Tuesday we went to the midwife for my follow up appointment. They said I am healing nicely and need to keep resting. They said the recovery for someone who loses blood is different than someone who doesn't and it may take a while. But she said I looked great for where I was in recovery. Regina also checked out Clark's smelly button and showed us that it was about 1/3 off. Unfortunately, Clark stunk up her small office. I hope the patients behind us didn't mind too much.

On Tuesday night Andrea dropped off Tom's mom, Janet, for her shift of care taking. She came just in time to help me through CLARK'S FIRST GROWTH SPURT!!!!!

In the middle of the night, I woke up for his feed and change. The smelly button had fallen off! I know some people save them, but I think Tom put it well when he said, "Throw that disgusting this away, get rid of it!" So, its not saved. Clark's new belly button is adorable!

Clark started eating like crazy on Wednesday. I sat in the recliner all day long, Clark would fall asleep and I would set him down - then he would be awake 10 minutes, 30 minutes later, ready to eat again. Janet brought me a steady supply of water and food so I could metabolize the milk that Clark was demanding of me. Jake and Andrea came over for dinner, Tom picked up some grub from Chicken Out and it was delicious. Clark slept that night ok, which I was grateful for.

On Thursday he ate all day again, but he slept for longer stretches, maybe 45 minutes or an hour at a time.
He also got his first bath on Thursday night. It was a whirlwind of excitement. Here are the highlights:

He slept ok that night too, but got up earlier than normal which threw my sleep cycle off. He stayed up for 2 hours and the whole time I was praying, "baby go to sleep". I was really, really tired.

On Friday, we took Clark to the doctor for his 2 week check-up. Clark has regained his birth weight. He was 9lbs 6 oz at birth, for his first dr. appt at 3 days, he was 8lbs15oz, today he was 9lbs 14oz! I am awesome at feeding him! The doc said I didn't have to worry about counting diapers or feeding on my schedule anymore. He said that I should just feed him when he wants and let him sleep at night as long as he wants! Happy News! Clark had his 2nd PKU test, and hopefully that will come back negative. Doc said that he looks good and healthy. All happy news. Tom and I, with the help of our mothers, are not blowing it! hurray!

So, thats the update for his 2nd week.

Love, V


  1. He is adorable and Veronica you look wonderful, so happy. Aunt Cindi

  2. That is a very good looking boy! Look at those fingers (piano player) and wingspan (the next Michael Phelps, Olympic Swinmmer!)

    I don't remember Nico's belly button smelling? Were you putting alcohol on it to dry it up? Although Nico did get some nasty looking diaper rashes, they can quickly go fungle (sp?). That red iodine/betadine type liquid soap, like they use in hospitals, clears it up quickly!

    Love, Aunt Nina

  3. Does Clark like the water? Nicolas still loves it! I'm so glad you are feeling all the love, unfortunately, Nico had colic for 3 months so lots of crying/screaming. Turns out it was partially caused by my milk intake as he is lactose intolerant and the sugars were passing thru the breast milk and upsetting his stomach! No wonder he didn't nurse for long periods of time. After many months, I put him on lactose free milk and he was relatively fine. (No one tells you these things)

    No jaundice for Clark? That's good.

    Love, Aunt Nina

  4. Clark seems pretty happy with the water. He is starting his evening fussy time, hopefully to peak at 6 weeks. They don't recommend putting anything on the button - I think he peed on it and got it a little bit wet which is why it stank. No jaundice! About the milk thing, I'm glad we have the internet now and google, because you can check everything out there! whew! thanks for asking!