Saturday, March 28, 2009

week 3

Today Clark is 3 weeks old!
This week:
Nana left Tuesday morning. She took such great care of us - and on the last night she rocked Clark to sleep when I (V) gave up and cried after 3+ hours of nursing. Thank You Nana!!!!!
Clark rolled from front to back twice. I know you think I'm making it up, but I'm not. He totally did it, and I put him back on his tummy, and he did it again! I put him on his tummy a 3rd time and tried to video it, but then he just cried. I deleted the video.
On Friday we had lunch at Tom's work and met Tom's co-workers. We also went to Hancock fabrics and bought some notions for the baby sling I'm working on.
Clark is entering his "evening fussiness" period. He is awake and fussy from about 5-11 or midnight every evening. The poor kid. We know he is tired. The internet and books say that this should peak at 6 weeks and then go away. So, 3 more weeks. We are handling it well now, ask me again next week.
We still think he is the most precious baby on the planet!
Here are some adorable pictures that I took this week:

Today we went on our first "hike" with Clark. It was actually a walk but since we went to Rock Creek Park and used the baby carrier - I'm calling it Clark's First Hike in Rock Creek.

Here we are on the bridge over Rock Creek.

Here is what Clark looked like on the hike warm in his baby carrier. He slept the whole time!

Some Clark videos: one of him "snoring" and the other of him waking up from a nap, making faces and farting. =) hehe

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  1. It is so much fun to read about little Clark. Ian and I can hardly wait to meet him. We are also so happy that you are doing well. Keep up the blogging :)