Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A real live 4 day old Clark!

Cute! Pretty strong and alert for a 4-day old baby. Hooray for Homebirth!

Here are some more pictures:

We like him. Grandma likes him a lot and Nana can't wait to see him on Tuesday.
Lots of Love,

Tom and Veronica


  1. My word... the Averill genes sure are strong! He looks just like Matthew at that age (just with darker hair)!

    Glad yall are doing so well!

    Love and kisses to all!


  2. Hi Tom and family! Your little guy is so cute! Tom your pictures look great for all that labor! Congrats to your wife since I know SHE did all the work! I found your website through Joe... take care! Congrats again... Adria Smentek

  3. yeah, I found this blog through some facebook stalking...

    Of course he is strong! the kid is like 2 weeks old in due-date time, but instead of being in the big bad world he was chilling. Glad he finally decided to grace us with his presence. He looks perfect.