Tuesday, January 20, 2009

35 weeks down, <7 to go.

Thank you America for innaguration day. Today ends Tom's and my 4 day weekend, and I'm really glad we had it. We spent this weekend shopping, and doing other baby prep. We've been to Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot, 2 Targets, the Mall, and other furniture stores. We finally assembled the crib and we bought a mattress for it. We bought enough diapers for the first 3 weeks, baby wipes. ( We plan on using cloth diapers after the cord falls off). I've been organizing baby things: breast feeding supplies, bath supplies, medicines/thermometers. Tom and I have been shopping for a glider and a changing table. We registered for one of each online, but now we are going to stores to guarantee that we are getting the best ones, maybe find some that are already assembled, or that we don't have to get shipped.
In the past few days, I think the baby may have dropped. I don't really know how to tell, but when I sit down I've got to spread my legs out in order to be comfortable. The baby is still moving very aggressively. He is rubbing his bum on me. He is also jabbing his legs into me, I guess he's stretching. He does some punching in my netherregions around my hip bones and bladder.
One thing I am a bit worried about is a compound presentation in delivery, that his arm might be up by his head as he passes through. That would make delivery harder. Another thought I've had (just today) is that my son may have his father's shoulders. Tom has beautiful shoulders, they are huge and strong from all the swimming he's done since high school. I really, really hope Gumbo will develop those when he is a teen, and is not developing them now.
As of the 4th day of this weekend, I am really tired. This morning I thought I was going into labor. I felt a pain that was stronger than normal. So I did what the midwives recommend, I took a bath, ate some food and then I laid down. I slept for two hours or so. Now I'm awake again, and I feel tired, but am NOT in labor. Today I am 35 weeks. If I go into labor, then it needs to be after next Tuesday. After next Tuesday, I am allowed to have a home birth, and Gumbo will most likely be ready to be in the outside world with no hospital help.

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  1. we'll be fine sweetie- the head is the worst and the shoulders will come out no problem. there is also no reason to worry about compound presentation- we'll just have to deal with it if it happens.