Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birth day planning

We just went to the midwife and Gumbo is not breech! Its very, very exciting, very, very happy, and completely comforting to know he is currently in the correct position for birthing! YAY! I have never been so happy. I hope he doesn't flip!

Tonight at the midwife's we also had birth day planning. WE learned all about the procedure for when we think we might be in labor, how to call them, what info to provide, etc. We learned tips for labor, tips for postpartum for me and the baby and Tom. We saw a video and I saw a "friend" there as well.

When I did my 3 hour glucose test, I met another preggo lady at the same time. WE hung out for 2 hours! We saw each other tonight and we were both not diabetic! Great news! Then we saw her and her boyfriend on the train home and talked for the ride together. It was great, I hope she emails me so we can hang out with our babies. She's really fun and feisty, like me =).

Tom and I are feeling pretty good about going into labor and having the baby after tonight. It was really satisfying to know that Gumbo is in the right position, and what to do when labor starts. We've been working on our emergency backup contingency plan and are happy to know what the midwives plan will be. They gave us lots of good advice and filled in the gaps of our knowledge about C-sections, hospital transfers and other stuff that we needed to know about being in a hospital if an emergency occurs.

I'm just really glad and now I'm looking forward to the birth, we have almost all of the supplies ready, we just need some ammonia for clean up.

Tom and I also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday and we are really glad we got together. Its very exciting to be married, a huge challenge, but one that makes you a better person. We are thrilled to be expanding our family and welcoming little Gumbo into our home and heart (he's been welcome in my body for almost a year, though, and he will have to get his own bed soon!!!) Thanks for all of your support in being married, it takes a village to raise a married couple. =)
Peace out!

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