Thursday, January 1, 2009

8 months!

Well we made it this far. I am happy to know that if I gave birth right now Gumbo would be ok, just on some support for the next month or so. In 4 weeks, Tom and I need to have everything ready to go for our home birth and be completely prepared to have a little life in our hands. Is anyone ever completely prepared? No, so I'm not too worried, but we need to be as ready as we can. I ordered the Crib this week! Thanks Mom! It should be delivered sometime next week. We are having our shower next weekend, Thanks Andrea! And we will go into high gear of getting ready after the party. Next week is going to be exciting for us as we are supposed to give our birth plan to our Bradley Birth Class teacher, and on Thursday we are going to the "Birthday planning meeting" with our Midwife. The birth is now imminent.

As I write this, Gumbo is kicking me. He kicks constantly, about 20 hours a day. I hope he isn't uncomfortable in there!

In addition to weighing myself, I've been taking measurements. My waist at my constantly (even at work in the bathroom) now because it itches as it is stre belly button has now grown a foot! A FOOT!!! 12 inches! Its nuts. My belly button is still an innie, but it hurts often and seems to be stretching to contain the Gumbo underneath. I lotion the tummytching. Some days I feel like my skin will rip open and I'll die from exploding, but I haven't read about that happening in "What to Expect When You Are Expecting." nor any of the other baby books we have, so I don't really think it will happen. =)

Sleeping every night is an adventure, but one that Tom and I have become accustom to. We are still in the same bed. I have developed some techniques that give him a better nights sleep (and me too!). Now when I adjust myself (and the pillows) in bed, I move really slowly so I don't wake him. I wake up a few times a night in pain, and some nights more than others. I've had a bad hip since college which gets bothered when I sleep on my side. Before pregnancy, I hardly slept on my side to avoid this pain, instead I would usually sleep on my stomach, sometimes my back. Now when I wake up in hip pain, instead of fidgiting around it or adjusting so much, I try to accept the pain and relax around it. I feel that this will prepare me for the pain of that long labor and Gumboectomy. Another sleep adventure is sweating. Sometimes I dream I am working hard, or in the jungle and I'm getting really hot. Then I wake up and I'm drenched in sweat! Those times I get out of bed and walk to our bathroom (which isn't heated) and that usually takes care of my sweat glands. The walk to the bathroom also helps stretch out my hip, relieves my bladder and gives me time to stretch. I do some "cat stretches" or "pelvic rocks" to help put my lower back back in wack. I do my neck and my upper back as well. Then I get back into bed and hope that sleep does not escape me. It has been an effictive technique. Tom is sleeping better. I am more satisfied in the morning. Even if I wake up 8-10 times in a night, I am still dreaming quite vividly and feel rested when I get up.

I spoke to my boss this week about Maternity Leave. I have opted for 6 months unpaid leave. I get 6 weeks of short term disability pay, which will be nice. She assured me my job would be secure when I come back - which was unexpected - but I really appreciate. =) I'm glad that she likes me and wants me. Its nice to be wanted and feel appreciated. I certainly didn't feel that way in the position I had prior to this one.

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone and happy New Year. Also, Tom says "hi"
Love, V

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